Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! And we encourage posting on any and all social media outlets and just ask that you tag Base Station VR. If you can’t find us on those platforms, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

No. Outside of Multiplayer VR Escape Rooms, the only limitation is time. We do find that during a standard session, most people play 2-3 games. Some do play a single game, some play a lot more. Although we’ve found some people that want to try to get in as many experiences/games as they can, we don’t find that the best use of your time.

Most glasses do fit inside the headset and we recommend wearing them if you are nearsighted (needing glasses to see distances). We may also sometimes swap the face mask for larger ones. On rare occasions, people have had to remove glasses and have been generally fine. If you can. we recommend contact lenses if you have them.

To better plan and coordinate bookings, sessions, and cleaning time (especially during these times), we do require reservations for all bookings. On Mondays and Tuesdays, bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. From Wednesday to Friday, bookings must be placed at least 2 hours in advance. On Weekends, we only require 1 hour advanced notice and it may be possible to do a Walk In, but this will depend on availability. You can always call us at (401) 484-1895 to check availability. You can make reservations via this link:

Typically VR does not cause motion sickness. When doing VR, it will essentially be like you’re in another room and your motions will be matched as if you were moving around in that other room. There are times where your motion in VR does not match your physical motions (like if you’re flying in VR) and if you are susceptible to motion sickness, this might be when it could be triggered. This can be mitigated when the experience puts you “inside” a vehicle. We also spend time choosing experiences that limit this type of movement but also point these out to those that might be concerned.

We have quite a few games playable by 2 or more people, several for 4 or more, and are building a library of options for up to 8 (and even 9) players. We always encourage group bookings, especially considering that bookings of 6 or more is our lowest per person rate. You can check out our multiplayer games here:

We recommend VR for kids 8 and older with no upper limits on age (although consider mobility as you would need to stand for up to an hour). We have had the occasional 7 year old and the rare 6 year old, but it’s a case by case basis at those ages.

We find that most people, both gamers and non gamers, enjoy Virtual Reality regardless of the experience. Although we do have a variety of experiences that can be done for those really not interested in games, we find that most people avoid games because “they’re not good at them” and encourage everyone to give them a try and be surprised at how much fun it is regardless of “being good”. You can check out our non-game experiences here: