PowerBeatsVR is a modern, rhythm-based VR fitness game with regular updates. It offers exciting challenges with lots of boxing, squatting and dodging, and includes leaderboards, a VR level editor, player statistics, calorie tracking, and unique support for heart rate monitors. And much more to come.



PowerBeatsVR is a modern, rhythm-based VR fitness game to boost your fitness level.

The game is physically intense as no other and was specifically designed to induce movements with your entire body. It will let you move, squat, sidestep and leap around obstacles in ways you haven’t done before.

Move with the beat as you punch your way through challenging obstacle courses in one of three virtual arenas. Shatter incoming boulders into satisfying pieces with forceful hits and see those calories burn.

The stronger you hit, the more points you get. Feel the power and have fun while training your stamina, strength, balance, and reaction.

Experience intense VR workouts on higher levels of difficulty. Or choose the easier modes for just having fun while smashing stuff to the beat of a diverse and energetic soundtrack. In any case, you can try to get to the top of the leaderboards.


  • Handmade Beatmaps: Every challenge perfectly fits the underlying song.
  • VR Level Editor & Custom Song Support: Create challenges for your own music from the comfort of VR or import and play beatmaps from other players.
  • 3 Difficulties: Start with the first difficulty and work your way up. Or directly jump to the Expert mode and handle an insane amount of targets and obstacles.
  • 4 Unique Weapons: Fight with your bare fists, wield powerful hammers, grab some shields, or use a chargeable weapon for massive destruction. It’s your choice, once unlocked.
  • Leaderboards: Get to the top of the leaderboards and become number one.
  • Calorie Tracking: See how many calories you have burnt over time and set your own goals.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Support: Check your heart rate (min/max/average) from within the game and see your fitness level progressing.
  • Avatar System: Show off your workouts with our built-in avatars.

One More Note from the Developers

We want to make PowerBeatsVR the best and most enjoyable VR fitness game available. Thus, we continuously improve the game and add new content and features based on your feedback.

So, feel free to contact us if you have ideas, questions, or issues with the game. Also, let us know if you enjoyed the game because that would make our day!

Mixed Reality support

The game fully supports LIV and the regular SteamVR quadrant view for Mixed Reality.