The BSVR Loyalty Program

Want to be rewarded for being a loyal customer? Want it to be easy and free? We heard you and here’s how the Base Station VR Lounge Loyalty program works.

For every minute you spend in Virtual Reality, we add a point to your rewards collection. When you reach 600 points (10 hours of VR), you get an entire hour of VR for FREE!  Yup, easy as that. You don’t have to track anything, we do it all for you.

Want to earn rewards faster? Join our Premium BSVR Loyalty Program. For just $14.95 a year you’ll get the following:

  • A free 15 minute session (valued at $19, so you’re saving money right when you sign up) that can be used anytime during your year membership
  • 10% off all your VR sessions
  • 1.25x points accumulation. For each minute you spend in Virtual Reality, you get 1.25 points. We’ll let you do the math on that (hint, you only need 8 hours of VR time to get one free)….

To buy a membership, please click on the “Book” link below. Choose whatever date you want to start your membership to purchase it and follow the prompts from there.

Check your loyalty points below:

If you find an error in the above card and points data, please reach out to us either via email at, by phone at (401) 484-1895 or through our contact page.



Typical Disclaimers:
– Discounts cannot be combined
– Free 15 minutes must be used in one session
– Free 15 minutes does not count towards 600 points
– Free Hour must be used in one session
– For multi-station rentals, only one member of the party can collect points
– 10% Off Only Applies to Walk-In Rentals
– Points accumulation started September 15, 2017