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Articles and Testimonials

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Providence Monthly - 201710

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Interview with Pat Ford from 6/30/17

Here’s the interview from 6/30 with Pat Ford for those that missed it when it was streaming live. For those that aren’t too familiar with Base Station VR or with Virtual Reality in general, this might be helpful. Now you know what the face of BSVR looks like…

Posted by Base Station VR Lounge on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Brown Daily Herald, September 2017

  • Scott C.Scott C.

    Kids had a great time. Awesome idea for a birthday celebration

  • Burnt HermitBurnt Hermit

    A lot of fun and a great environment for a date or with friends. I'll be coming back.

  • Mike S.

    This is something you have to try to believe. From 6-42 we all had a blast. Friendly, unique and affordable. If you are thinking of doing something at a big arcade, think again! This is the place!

  • Debby O.Debby O.

    So much fun! I think I need another 10-12 hours in there to do all the cool stuff!

  • Sherri C.Sherri C.

    I can't wait to go back!!! Excellent for all ages. The kids haven't stopped talking about it. Friendly service and nice venue.

  • Timothy K.

    For a new concept, the business is pretty cool. Located in a central area to have a cheap or expensive night out or date, you can augment it by getting your nerd on at this cool place.

    While it is designed with a minimalist yet comfortable appeal, the thing that is really going to grab your attention is once the VR goggles are on.

    After signing the waiver, you place the gear on your head, including headphones to integrate sound, just seeing the 'holodeck'-like VR will seem very cool.

    I was able to take 10 minute sample of a game, which was John Wick: Chronicles. It played pretty well. The technology definitely does a good job of immersing you in the situation, even if I was a total noob.

    I will come back here again!

  • Raphael C.

    This was an incredible experience, I'll definitely go again.

  • Mary-Jo V.

    Had a blast! Once I figured out what I was doing! The owner was very nice and patient!

  • Greg B.Greg B.

    Base Station VR is amazing. I went in today and tried out 2 of the games and my mind was blown. It was my first time trying VR and I'm hooked.

    I played a shooting game and another one where I was dodging bullets and fighting faceless enemies. I controlled when it became slow motion and the bullets would slowly fly by my head.

    You have to try this out!

  • Donna P.Donna P.

    Great time. Cool new place on Thayer. Perfect for parties.