Base Station VR Party Bookings

Are you looking to make a whole venue booking for a party? You’ve come to the right page!

Here are some great reasons to have your next party or corporate gathering at Base Station VR.

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Team Building
  • Holiday Party
  • A Reward for Your Hardworking Staff

What do you get in a Party Booking:

Either 3 or 6 VR Headsets spread across 3 or 6 stations for the duration you booked (1, 2, or 3 hours) as well as a large Party Room where you can bring cake, food, drinks, etc.

And here are some details for you:

Each station contains a single headset which would be shared by all participants, each person taking turns using the headset. Having 6 stations/headsets reduces the wait time, allows more people to be in VR and also allows people to play in a variety of multiplayer games (a couple of which could be done with all 6 headsets). When trying to determine how much time and/or how many stations to get, we recommend about 30 minutes per person to get the most fun out of the experience.

In addition to VR, you get the following things when booking a BSVR Party:

  • Additional Party Room Space for 1 hour (on top of the time in VR)
  • Access to our extensive board game collection (in party room)
  • Access to retro gaming consoles (in party room)
  • Tables, chairs, cutlery, etc (in party room)

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or give us a call at (401) 484-1895.

Booking rates are as follows:

For a 3 VR Headset Party

  • 1 Hour Party Booking (generally for 3-6 participants)   – $227.00
  • 2 Hour Party Booking (generally for 3-12 participants) – $337.00
  • 3 Hour Party Booking (generally for 3-18 participants) – $447.00

For a 6 VR Headset Party

  • 1 Hour Party Booking (generally for 6-12 participants) – $337.00
  • 2 Hour Party Booking (generally for 6-24 participants) – $547.00
  • 3 Hour Party Booking (generally for 6-36 participants) – $757.00