October 50% Off Gift Voucher Promotion

Why wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for an amazing deal? All Gift Vouchers purchased during October using the link below will only cost half the value of the gift voucher!!

If you’re trying to decide how much to get for the Gift Voucher, here are some references for VR session rates for up to 8 people (below are the full prices, not the discounted Gift Voucher Rate):

  • $39 for one person for one hour
  • $78 for two people for one hour
  • $99 for three people for one hour
  • $132 for four people for one hour
  • $165 for five people for one hour
  • $186 for six people for one hour
  • $217 for seven people for one hour
  • $248 for eight people for one hour

Pre-Defined Amounts for Gift Vouchers are: $39, $78, and $156 but you can enter in your own amount on the voucher purchase screen after choosing the quantity of Gift Vouchers you’d like to buy.

Remember: all amounts stated above are the full price value of the Gift Voucher, but you will only pay 50% of that during the month of October!